Psychotherapy and Skincare

For individuals who require psychotherapy, it can be expected that mental distress and other issues that make day-to-day life more difficult will impact hygiene routines. For instance, someone with severe depression may struggle to motivate themselves to regularly brush their hair or to get into the shower. This can also be true for skincare, with the struggles of mental illness sometimes pushing the priority of a good skincare routine to the side. Skincare routines don’t have to be difficult, however. This guide will help anyone undergoing psychotherapy understand how to implement an effective yet straightforward technique.




A typical skincare routine will involve cleansing the skin, with a focus on the face and neck areas, in the morning after waking up and in the evening before bed. For someone battling with mental illness, however, it can be more challenging to get into such a routine and ultimately stick with it. An important thing to note is that psychotherapy can be beneficial in allowing people to better manage their mental illness, providing more room for taking back control of their lives and daily routines. Not cleansing the skin can lead to breakouts of acne and a buildup of oils, dirt, and dead cells. If struggling to stick to a morning and nighttime routine, then start off more gently and gradually introduce just one of these times. For instance, focus on cleansing your skin when waking up before going about your day, leaving the nighttime addition until you’re feeling ready for it.



After cleansing and possibly toning your skin, it’s then vital that you also moisturize. Many products are available for this, with each serving a different purpose and being tailored towards varied skin types. Fortunately, Verso provides a retinol night cream that is suitable for many skin types and will leave your skin looking fresher and more rejuvenated. The benefit of retinol night cream is that it’s perfectly tailored towards the nighttime aspect of a skincare routine. You simply apply it to your face and neck area following cleansing, and the formula will then work overnight as you sleep to leave your skin looking radiant and even younger. The retinol night cream from Verso is easy to use, reasonably priced and contains ingredients that are effective at giving your skin the extra moisture it needs and leaving it feeling soft.

While sticking to skincare routines can be additionally challenging for people undergoing psychotherapy, the benefits of the therapy can allow for more control over daily routines and managing mental health conditions. Simplifying practices can also assist those with a mental illness, such as gradually introducing just one aspect before building up to a more comprehensive routine.