Psychotherapy Eases Breast Shaping Anxiety

Women and men often choose to alter breasts with lifts, augmentation, or shaping procedures, like those offered by Mia. Mia helps patients to conform breasts to his or her self-image. Male patients may choose breast reductions or other types of body-shaping options. These physical alterations are not without mental impact. Here are a few mental phases that Mia patients may experience when going through a breast shaping procedure by Mia.

Clinical options for achieving a certain body appearance may involve a few mental or emotional states, such as pre-operation anxiety. After the operation, pain medications and sleep disruption may impact the patient’s mood. Scabs or swelling during the healing cycle may cause a patient to worry unnecessarily about the final appearance.

By choosing a highly qualified clinician at Mia, a patient may ask about the entire process to alleviate any concerns. If necessary, counseling and psychotherapy options help the patient to reflect on thoughts about the breast shaping procedure.