The Planta App: A Valuable Aid in Garden Therapy

The garden therapy, also called “horticultural therapy”, is considered very effective to treat patients that have some degree of psychological or psychiatric issue. Taking care of a plant or even a small orchard is very beneficial to fight depression symptoms, increase social interaction and problem solving, but also physical skills. Observing a small plant become lush and leafy, a flower blossom or even a vegetable grow may give a great sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

Introducing Planta

Planta is an app that has been developed to help you with the daily tasks of gardening or indoor home grown plants. It’s very user friendly, as planta can be easily downloaded on mobile devices. It will not only make sure you don’t end up neglecting the plants, but it will also help to make them grow luxuriant and healthy. Through a very intuitive menu, you can completely personalize the app, depending on the plants you own. For example, you can keep track of watering times and schedule re-potting, so that you have always everything under control, without having to rely on your memory only. This can be very helpful, especially for people that have Attention Deficit Disorder or elderly patients, which may go through short term memory issues.

The Unique Features of Planta

Planta is very easy to use, and will add some fun to your everyday gardening tasks. Among its unique features, there is the Plant Scanner, which will help you to identify the species of plants that you own. You just have to point the camera of your mobile toward the plant and its image will be automatically scanned by the app. Even if you have taken all possible precautions, sometimes plants do get sick. In this case, there’s nothing to worry about: Planta has a special feature called Dr. Plant, which is designed to detect parasites or other problems, and will give you the right indications about the cure. There’s a reason why garden therapy is so effective: learning how to care or a living creature, will teach us how to take care of ourselves.